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18 Color Diary Eyeshadow Pearly Matte Burst Eyeshadow

18 Color Diary Eyeshadow Pearly Matte Burst Eyeshadow

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 GIVENONE brand new long-lasting makeup eye shadow easy to wear matte natural eyeshadow shimmering natural makeup palette 18 colors


Dear Buyer:


After the tests, we found that there is still around 3-5% of powder based cosmetics such as eye shadow will be damaged during the long way of international shipping, no matter how we packed them. with care. With the exception of contacting us for help or to claim your damage, here is a practical advice to reform the damaged powder-based make-up again.


Step 1. mix the powder with a few drops of medicinal alcohol


Step 2. flatten the compact powder with a little pressure


Step 3. leave it for a day, and the alcohol will be completely evaporated, so the makeup will be as good as new.


2. because of the different production batches and the color sensitivity of the eyes. occasionally, the advertising image is a little different from the real one. if you are very picky, you should not place an order.


Package Including: 1 X Eyeshadow Palette


For the most beautiful of you.

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3, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will always offer you our best service, we wish you a happy shopping, thank you. 未标题-4_08

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