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Balance eyebrow shaping assistant

Balance eyebrow shaping assistant

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Create beautiful, perfectly shaped eyebrows with esthética eyebrow stencils. Choose from five different eyebrow shapes - natural, classic, delicate, thick and light - to define your most framing features. With just a few simple steps, you can set an eye-catching and long-lasting look for day or night.
• Four distinct shapes for eyebrow customization: one eyebrow, straight eyebrow, sword eyebrow, natural eyebrow
• Are flexible and fit comfortably over your eyebrows
• Vegan and cruelty-free
• Eyebrow mapping guide included
• An easy to use and easy to transport stencil
• Easy to follow visual diagram
What can you achieve with the?
• Helps skillfully shape strong and bold eyebrows
• Indispensable for any truly perfect makeup application
• Get perfect brows with every application
• Define your most important framing characteristics
It helps you shape your strong and bold eyebrows. Use with yourfavorite brow pigment for a powerful impact.
Simple, step-by-step instructions ensure a rock-solid application. Filling in and shaping eyebrows is quick and fun, so maintenance is a snap.
There is no room for error with precise stencils. Stick to the lines and you will get a well defined and perfect finish.
It's a travel set that you can easily store in any makeup bag. Use it daily to ensure precise, balanced brows.
Package Included:
1x 4 Pieces / Set Eyebrow stencils

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