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Electric multifunctional hair clipper

Electric multifunctional hair clipper

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♥ Configure four functional blades: shaving blades, hair cutting blades, sideburn blades and nose hair blades, share a common body, replace the functional blades to achieve different grooming purposes;

♥ Can be used for men's shaving, home haircut, beard trimming & styling, trimming nose hair, etc .;

♥ This shaver is based on the principle of reciprocating shaving. It is suitable for people who have a relatively stiff beard or shave it once every 1-3 days. . For specific usage, please consult customer service;

♥ The product uses 3.7V lithium battery + 3.7V motor, 5W power, 2 hours fast charging (charging / full indicator light), fully charged for about 120 minutes, supports plug and play;

♥ Standard list: 1 main unit, 1 razor head, 1 haircut head, 1 sideburn head, 1 nose hair head, 1 sideburner 1-4 gear adjustment positioning comb, 1 haircut knife 3 / 6/9/12 mm 4 positioning combs, 1 comb on both sides, 1 cleaning brush, 1 vial of lubricating oil, 1 storage base, 1 USB power cord, packaging box, instruction manual (Chinese and English); (Remarks : Need to contact the customer service consultation with cloth and sponge);

♥ The product comes standard with a USB power cable, without charger head.

Packing size: 17.2 * 11.3 * 9.2cm


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