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Gold microneedle automatic introduction instrument

Gold microneedle automatic introduction instrument

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1. 64 titanium needle
2. hydra roller type
3. Optional length of 0.25mm, 0.5mm and 1.0mm

Hydra Roller can stimulate the production of collagen and increase the absorption of skin care products. But traditional top rollers are difficult to operate because you have to use your other hand or an assistant to help you get the essence. This new bottled hydration roller successfully combines the microneedles with the essence and automatically introduces them. No assistant is needed, and no need to go to the clinic for edema roller treatment, you can do it at home from now on! The needles of household microneedles are much smaller than the tools in the dermatologist's office, so they should not cause harm.


1. Non-threaded microneedles can be administered directly
2. Stimulate skin cells, induce collagen production, and promote skin regeneration.
3. Microneedles are thinner than human hair, so there is no pain.

4. The spiral groove system of the needle transports the local serum directly to the dermis.

1. Deep hydration and oxidation of skin and epidermis.

2. Reduce skin trauma after sun exposure and relieve immediately

3. Reduce the discomfort of excessively dry skin (rough, itchy)
4. Restore the skin's mineral and ion balance
5. Improve skin hydration from the inside out
6. Activate the skin's self-healing mechanism to resist ultraviolet rays, pollution and allergies (support the skin's immune system)
7. Reduce deep wrinkles and symptoms of photo-aging and sagging.

8. Rejuvenate the skin, revitalize and improve its complexion
9. Restore skin firmness and elasticity
10. Produce immediate and lasting effects.

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