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Positioning navigation camera watch

Positioning navigation camera watch

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Hardware platform: MT6739
Memory combination: RAM: 1G + ROM: 16GB/ 3+32
Camera: 5 million (confirmed before mass production)
Connection: WIFI, GPS, GSM, BT
Resolution: 480*640
Structure Loudspeaker: 1609 BOX
Microphone: Yes
Battery capacity: 2700MAH high capacity high voltage polymer battery
Vibration: Yes
Side buttons: 2 buttons
Interface: charging, data download *magnet pogo pin (with base)
Watch end supported languages: Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Korean, Hebrew, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Arabic, Persian, Thai, Hindi, Burmese, Bengali, Japan
APP supported languages:
APP name: WiiWatch 2

Support language: Chinese English

Battery capacity :2700MAH high capacity high pressure polymer battery

Product weight: 185G

How to wear: Wrist strap

Operation mode: touch type

Wireless distance: 5m(inclusive)-10m(inclusive)

Communication features: not supported

Material: TPU

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